Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 3 - January 9, 2010

This morning we woke up to an American breakfast cooked by the live in maid, Nancy who is an awesome cook!

Then we were on to our Excellent Adventure for the day, the Singapore Zoo, led by our 8 year old tour guide, Declan. This was the best zoo we have ever been to. Animals and reptiles were freely roaming throughout the zoo and we got to pet and feed several animals throughout the day. We saw several exotic animals that are indigenous to Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. For those of you from Richmond, Ali got to see several of the animals from our monthly Animal dinners, including turtles and a Sun Bear!

We had a traditional Singapore lunch at the Ahmeng Restaurant which translates to "red monkey" which also is slang for a tourist here in Singapore. We had chicken, rice and Chinese cabbage which is a very popular meal here.

After lunch we fed some 70 kilo tortoises apples for lunch. As we were feeding them a green whip snake fell out of a tree and landed on the ground right next to us. Declan and Keira got to ride Candy the pony around the Children's area of the zoo and then they had a surprise for us. They took us to a water playground in the zoo and had us stand in a spot where a bucket of water the size of an elephant poured tons of water all over us. We had a blast and got to cool down for a little while in the hot and humid weather.

We ended the day at the zoo with some yummy American Ben and Jerry's ice cream and then went home to a Singapore luxury dinner of Tillamook cheeseburgers (Tillamook Cheese is not available here) on the bbq with a bunch of Asian beer! It was an excellent adventure again today!

Here are 3 slideshows of pics from the zoo!

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  1. Ali petted a huge Iguana that was hissing and snapping at her - very brave!. Kim kept taking pictures of animals pooping. Saw a wild (not a zoo animal) monitor lizard digging in the dirt and eating worms.