Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 13 - January 19, 2010

This morning we started with a nice hike up Bukit Timah, the highest peak in Singapore. It is 163.8 M to the top. We saw a huge spider, some ants carrying an earthworm, and some cool birds and trees. Of course, we didn't see monkeys, because there is a curse on Ali who wants to see monkeys, so they are in hiding until she leaves.

For lunch, we took Kristy to a German Thai restaurant and did a little last minute shopping. Then we came home and finished packing up.

It is off to the airport and Kim is heading home and Ali is heading to New Zealand. Ali will continue to post pics and info about New Zealand over the next two weeks but it might not be on a regular basis! :) Good-bye SE Asia!

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