Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 12 - January 18, 2010

This morning we woke up and took a taxi to Johor, Malaysia. It was about a 10 minute taxi ride and about 20 minutes through the immigration stop. When we arrived, we walked through Johor to the Sultan Abu Bakar's palace. Along the way, we saw several abandoned houses, it is very rundown, similar to other boarder towns.

We also saw the courthouse, which we managed to stay out of and a TGI Fridays! :) We finally arrived at the palace and saw just how huge it was. The grounds cover a few city blocks. The Sultan had abandoned this house to build a new one, because he thought everything was too old. The palace is still used for different events throughout the year. It was also creepy that members of the royal family who pass, their bodies are placed on the Sultan's old bed for people to pay their respects before the person is buried.

You can see all of the pictures below, but we saw the living quarters, dining hall, where they hold ceremonies, and the sultan was an avid hunter, so we also saw his prize room along with jewelry, clothing, china, and several more things. One of the pics shows Kim sitting at one of the tables. She was a rebel and stepped over the rope, but the pic didn't turn out too well. She managed to stay out of jail though! :)

After the palace tour, we went to lunch at the New Hong Kong restaurant and had a fabulous Chinese meal! Then it was back to Singapore to see Lisa the neighbor's extraordinary fish tank and to start packing up our stuff.

This evening, we went to the Night Safari. We had some dinner and watched a great jungle dance show. We will get the video up on YouTube tomorrow for you. It was a lot of fun. Then we got to see several nocturnal animals. Our camera didn't work taking pictures in the dark with no flash, so we bought some postcard pics. Ali will see if she can scan them in the morning so you can see some of the cool animals we got to see. It is sad, as many of them are going extinct as more and more rain forests are cut down.

After the safari, we came home and went to bed. Only one more day in Singapore. Jeffrey, Kristy, Declan, Keira, Nancy, and Lena have been wonderful hosts and tour guides, we are going to miss them!

Here are our pics and videos from the day!

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