Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 23 - January 29-30, 2010

This morning I flew from Wellington to Sydney and noticed I had a 10 hour layover. Can I just say I LOVE Sydney and would move here tomorrow if I could. I will seriously be thinking about coming back here. It is so beautiful and has a good vibe to it. I did not want to leave.

I took the ferry over to Manly Wharf. I went for a walk on the beautiful Manly Beach and then relaxed on the beach and went in the water for a little bit. After my nice walk, I went and got a few souvineers for everyone and then took the ferry back to the city to go explore.

I went over to the Rocks area, famous area of Syndey with a bunch of little, old pubs behind the Opera House. I decided to try some unique food to Australia, so I tried the Kangaroo pizza. They had emus and other rare animals too, but wanted to try the Kangaroo. It was really good and kind of tasted like chicken.

After lunch, I only had a few hours left and walked over to the Opera House. I took a bunch of pics as it is so beautiful! I wish I could see it at night. I didn't have time for a tour so I just walked around. I also watched all of the people climbing the famous Harbour Bridge. The next time I come back, I definitely want to do the climb, looks hard but like so much fun. You can see the climbers in a couple of the pics.

After the Opera House, it was time to take the train back to the airport. I flew from Sydney to Singapore. Stayed the night at the Singapore airport and then went to Tokyo, Japan, and finally arrived back in Portland on Saturday morning. I will have about 60 hours of January 30, 2010, hope it is a good day! This is the last posting of this blog! Thanks for following our adventures!

Here are my Sydney pics!

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