Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 10 - January 16, 2010

This morning we woke up to a yummy American breakfast cooked by Nancy! Then we went on a tour of Little India this morning. They were having their harvest fest today and had some different activities going on.

We started at the largest wet market in Singapore. They call it this because the floor is usually wet. There were a little less than 100 meat, fruit and vegetable, spices, and fish stores that sold fresh food for the local restaurants and anyone else who wanted to buy it. They had almost every kind of fish, mutton, fruit, vegetable, pork, and spice you could imagine from all over the world in this market. It was interesting to watch them butcher the meats, but we were beginning to think about becoming vegetarians after a couple of hours in the market.

Then we walked around the shops of Little India. It is amazing to see the various, textiles, shoes, religious gods, souvineers, and more spices. They favor the color gold and pretty much all of the jewelry and religious items were made of 24K gold.

After walking around, we went into an Indian Temple. It was very interesting to watch them pray to their various gods. They have several and depending on what is happening in your life you can pray to specific ones. We saw a couple of different ceremonies as well. You can see all of the various gods in our pictures below.

After the temple we walked over to an Indian restaurant for lunch. There are several types of Indian food based on the part of India you are from. Jeff really wanted us to try a fish head and this restaurant has served the most fish heads out of any restaurant in the world. We were told this is a Singapore meal and you won't find it in many other countries. We ordered a small fish head in curry and also tried some Naan Bread, Spinach, and some type of Indian flavored chicken. It was all really good, even the fish head (even though, we mostly ate the neck and the end of the fish head). Kim is now calling Ali the fish head queen because she ate part of the actual head behind the eye ball. It was just a white fish and just tasted like fish, not as bad as the Durien.

After lunch, we came back and relaxed. We got caught up on uploading all of our pics from the trip so far and helped Kristy with her scrapbooking stuff. For dinner, Jeff and Declan bbq'd a Beer Butt Chicken and a couple other chickens, and a couple of the neighborhood families came over. We had a great evening of food and fun!

Below are the pics from the day!

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